Bolton Photosciences Inc. will be closing operations as of 21 October 2021.
If you wish to contact Dr. James Bolton, please use the Contact Us Form

Bolton Photosciences Inc. currently offers consulting services in the general area of ultraviolet (UV) technologies.

Our consulting services will aid clients in:

  • Providing expertise in UV technologies
  • Assessing competing vendor proposals for UV disinfection and advanced oxidation technologies
  • Providing advice in photochemical and photolysis processes
  • Helping to optimize the design of UV reactors for water treatment and air treatment
  • Understanding how UV driven technologies can be successfully implemented
  • Calculating the fluence rate (irradiance) distribution around one or more UV lamps in a UV reactor using the program UVCalc®
  • Providing third party supervision of UV lamp testing and biodosimetry tests of UV reactors
  • Presenting Workshops on UV technologies and Advanced Oxidation Technologies